TREC-Approved Continuing Education Courses

After completing your first license renewal, you must to take 18 hours of Continuing Education (CE) courses every two years. We provide all the courses you need to satisfy TREC renewal requirements and maintain your Texas real estate license.

Continuing Education Package for Agents18 Classroom Hours

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It's quick and easy to renew your Texas real estate agent license with our flexible online Continuing Education courses. Get refreshers on real estate industry basics and Texas law.

Courses include:

  • Legal Update I (4 hours)
  • Legal Update II (4 hours)
  • Real Estate Basics (10 hours)

Continuing Education Package for Supervisors & Brokers18 Classroom Hours

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If you are a delegated supervisor or a broker, you must choose this package to renew your license. It includes Broker Responsibility, a mandatory course for those who supervise sales agents.

Courses include:

  • Legal Update I (4 hours)
  • Legal Update II (4 hours)
  • Broker Responsibility (6 hours)
  • Real Estate Overview (4 hours)

Please note: If you are renewing your Texas real estate license for the first time, you need to complete 98 hours of SAE courses. The Continuing Education packages above are for agents renewing for the second time and beyond.

All courses offered by State Continuing Education (CE Provider #0640) in association with Midwestern State University (CORE Provider #0209/CE Provider #0304).

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How to Renew Your Texas Real Estate License

If you've already completed Sales Apprentice Education for your first license renewal, then TREC requires you to complete Continuing Education courses when you renew your license every two years.

About 90 days before your license expires, the Texas Real Estate Commission will mail you a notice to let you know that it's time to renew. With our convenient online courses, you can renew your license at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Step 1: Complete 18 Hours of Continuing Education Courses

TREC requires renewing agents to complete 18 hours of continuing education, including eight hours of legal update courses and 10 hours of electives. You can't renew your license until you receive a renewal notice from TREC.

If you are a broker or a delegated supervisor of one or more sales agents, your elective hours must include a six-hour Broker Responsibility course. We can help you meet TREC's renewal requirements regardless of your situation.

After you complete each course, you must immediately fill out a Distance Education Reporting Form and email it to

Step 2: Apply for Renewal on the TREC Website

Once you finish your Continuing Education, you can apply to renew your license online. Make sure that you complete your CE at least 10 days before your license expires to ensure that TREC has time to process your application.

It's also important to finish all your CE courses before submitting your renewal application. If any required CE courses aren't present on your online TREC profile when you apply for renewal, TREC will charge you a $200 CE deferral fee or require you to renew your license in inactive status.

Step 3: Pay Your Renewal Fees

Before your license expires, pay the renewal fee and any other TREC fees that apply. You will need to pay an additional fee if you wait until your license expires before renewing. For an up-to-date breakdown of all renewal fees, check the fee schedule on TREC's website.